Transparency is Key

One of the hot topic discussions going on in the personal finance community lately has been around transparency and what bloggers owe to their audience. 

Transparency is important when it comes to giving advice on careers and personal finance. Why? Because many times there are big reasons why someone is able to accomplish what they accomplish.

Take saving huge amounts of money each year. Almost every blogger says you can do it because they did. Well you need the salary to back it up. It’s pretty hard to save $80k on a $45k salary. But for the blogger making $200k, $80k becomes a lot easier.

But they said “and you can do it too!”

That was a lie…well kind of.

Transparency is key when giving advice

Here is the truth – you can’t do it too. At least not the same way that a certain blogger or talking head accomplished something. You are different. Your family is different. The important aspects of your life don’t match up to theirs. And that’s okay.

I’m a big believer that you can learn something from anyone. However, there will never be one strategy or idea that works 100% for you the way it worked for someone else. There is just too much difference in all of our lives. We are different people. 

Some have big salaries while others are lower. Other live in the Midwest instead of on the coasts. Some are close with their families and others never talk. 

Because we are all different, it is important for the people who provide advice us provide transparency into their background that shapes who they are. As much as we all want to say we achieved every goal from hard work – sometimes we get boosts we don’t realize…boosts others will never receive.

Never trust a blog that tells you that anyone can do what they did, that all it takes is hard work and commitment. It just isn’t true. For every piece of advice they tell you got them to where they are, there are five other contributors they are leaving out – whether on purpose or not.

So what am I doing about it?

So to help you know more about my background and the drivers in my life and career, today I am launching the Career Crisis Accountant Transparency page. Here, you will be able to find pieces of information that shape my personal life, my financial life, and my professional life.

I want the advice and ideas on this site to help the people who read it. I don’t expect everyone to be able to fully implement this ideas or fully take this advice because we aren’t the same – we don’t live the same situation.

This page doesn’t cover everything – I guarantee there are things I’m not including, whether I don’t realize I’m excluding them or I don’t realize they are important. I will continue to grow this page over time and share more about myself and my situation. 


We aren’t all the same. We don’t have the same experiences, background, or traits. What works for me, isn’t going to necessarily work for you. But that isn’t for me to decide. It is up to me to make sure you see my whole picture – so you can figure out if I walk the walk or am just another talking (writing) head.

I challenge you to keep reading people that aren’t exact clones of you. There is always something to take away from someone else’s advice or experiences. You just need to work thorugh the noise to find the best parts for you.

We all need to stop thinking there is only one way to skin the proverbial cat…it isn’t true. The sooner we realize that and begin being more transparent about what has helped, and hurt us along the way, the sooner we can make real change in our lives. Transparency is key – don’t be afraid to show it and demand it of others.

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