Transparency is important when it comes to giving advice on careers and personal finance. Why? Because many times there are big reasons why someone is able to accomplish what they accomplish.

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Family Size: 3..almost 4 🙂 (Me, wife, daughter (3), and daughter on the way)
State of Residence: Wisconsin
Cost of Living: $100 buys $107.76
Race: Caucasian


Household Salary: $100-150k per year (t & Mrs. CCA)
Home Value (per Zillow): $219k
Current Debt: $125k (Mortgage only)
Student Loan Debt: $55k (Paid off in 2015)


Certifications: CPA
College Degree: Bachelors of Business Administration: Accounting
Work Experience: 8 years
Number of Jobs: 4
Years in Public Accounting: 3

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